The concept of 'Justice' is a very basic foundation and fundamental object of any Civilized Society. From the inception of the civilized age , foundation and objectivity embraced its growing aspiration and demand in rendering social , economic as well as political Justice to the people at large on the platform of equality, and in order to vow the constitutional mandate upon ensuring spirit envisaged in the 'Preamble' of the 'Constitution of India' , the insertion and fabrication of Article .39A - nourished the basic fundamentals , in lieu of the principle enunciated in the preamble of our Constitution

Not only in our country , particularly in the current age , but the world has also come across the greater 'Adversarial Justice Dispensation System' and its 'broader' and 'analytical means' of resolving disputes. But by the passage of time, the 'conventional Justice Dispensation System' and its 'Mechanism' has become over burdened , with of course the lack of 'infrastructure' in terms of establishment of 'adequate number of Courts' , and also suffers lack of 'manpower' as well as in terms of resources , to render 'speedy' and 'effective Justice'. By this natural growth of mounting up the impedimenting factors , putting the huge load on this 'conventional infrastructure' of Justice Delivery System, the 'efficacy' of the Mechanism has find its path narrowed , in terms of resolving the 'growing rates of disputes' , in the country like India.

In this pretext, the Indian Judiciary joined hands with the Legislative intent to put forward the effective and efficacious 'Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanism', to have a 'new avenue' and 'approach' in catering speedy and effective as well as substantive Justice delivery System, on exercise on their benevolent and collective effort, to 'eradicate' and 'downsizing' the 'grasping accumulation' of alarming backlog of litigations, as well as the day to day birth of new disputes.

It is often said 'Justice Delayed - is Justice Denied'. The 'Legal Services Authority Act. 1987' and institutional establishment emerged, joining hands together to give the complete shape of 'Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanism’, to the people at large and to the needier, with the offering of 'Free and Competent Legal Aid' with the organization of 'Lok Adalat', according 'Mediation' and ‘Conciliation’, as the part of achieving the holistic goal, 'Bringing the Justice at the Door Step' within the District of Nadia, West Bengal. Virtually the advent of this 'Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanism' took its shape in the aim of facilitating the 'speedier dispensation of Justice', with its utter significance of giving the dynamic modality of 'inexpensive Justice', despite the usual story of 'long-standing' and 'cost incurring' pretext , amongst the people.

Thus , as a part of this entire 'Legal Aid Movement' , commenced at the behest of Indian Judiciary, in the 'District Level' - The 'District Legal Services Authority , Nadia' is committed to exercise its optimum efficacy to the fullest extent , to implement the fundamental spirit of Legal Latin Maxim – 'Ubi jus – Ibi remedium' - (where there is 'right' , - there is 'remedy') , submerged in the task of implementing in letters and words , 'spirit' of 'Legal Services Authority Act. 1987', to the eligible approaches, in the context of their need.

It is the 'solemn endeavor' and the 'objective' of District Legal Services Authority, Nadia to provide effective platform of 'Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanism' to the 'downtrodden' , 'disadvantaged' and 'marginalized people' of the society within the District of Nadia, with its committed 'empathy' and shared hard work to actualize the concept of ' Bringing Justice at the Door steps' dreaming of an 'Egalitarian Society', to the people of the rich , 'Cultural' and 'Historic' backdrop of 'birth soil' of 'Sri. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu' and to the proud earth of eminent writer , poets and dramatists , who enriched the cultural background of the district of Nadia and painted 'historic township' of Krishnagar , Nadia.

Thus, I sincerely hope that with the assistance and cooperation of all the 'well wishers', 'Stake Holders’,'Local Administration' as well as 'Local Bodies' with the 'sensitized mind' of 'Judicial Officers' , the 'District Legal Services Authority, Nadia' , can carry forward with its aim and objective to reach the holistic goal of bringing as many as possible people , within the arena of ongoing 'Legal Aid Activity' and 'Movement' within the district of Nadia.

Once again , I dream towards the new horizon of an 'egalitarian society' with our humble request to you to extend your hand of cooperation with us.

The 'District Legal Services Authority, Nadia' in its utter humbleness, always look forward to have your 'active co-operative' and 'constructive criticism', 'helpful suggestion' and 'valued inputs' for achieving our greater social purpose of rendering ‘inexpensive’, 'easy accessible' and 'expeditious' dissolution of disputes with the aim of spreading out the concept of 'Legal Awareness' as well 'Legal Empowerment' within the enriched District of Nadia.

Thank you,