Persons entitled to Free Legal Services

  • (a) Members of Schedule Castes and Schedule tribes.
  • (b) Victims of trafficking or begar.
  • (c) Women / Children.
  • (d) Mentally ill or disabled persons.
  • (e) Victims of Mass Disaster.
  • (f) Persons in custody.
  • (g) Industrial Workers.
  • (h) Persons whose annual income does not exceed Rs. 1,00,000/-

What is provided in Free Legal Services?

  • (a) Free Services of Advocates in court Cases.
  • (b) Free Legal Advice.
  • (c) Payment of court fee, process fee, diet money of witnesses, other miscellaneous expenses incurred in litigation.
  • (d) Free Services of Advocate to under trial /accused during Remand Hours.