• To operate an independent, efficient and cost-effective legal aid service;
  • To ensure that no one with reasonable grounds for taking or defending proceedings is prevented from doing so because of lack of means or other disabilities;
  • To ensure that in the interests of justice, no one charged with a criminal offence or having meritorious grounds of appeal is deprived of legal representation because of lack of means;
  • To improve the quality and accessibility of legal aid services to the public while achieving maximum cost-effectiveness.
  • Providing free and competent legal service to the weaker sections of the society;
  • Paying all legitimate charges that are payable in connection with any legal proceedings;
  • To organize and popularise Lok Adalats;
  • To organise Mobile Lok-Adalat to reach out to the people at their door step;
  • To popularise other A.D.R. techniques in resolving disputes;
  • Organising Legal Awareness Camps;
  • Opening Legal Aid Clinics at the, Block, Panchayet and village level and manning them with Para-legal Volunteers (PLVs);
  • Opening Legal Aid Clinics at Colleges, Universities or other Institutions;
  • Opening Legal Literacy Club in Schools;
  • Setting up Legal Aid Clinics at Correctional Homes.
  • Selection and training of PLVs;
  • Encourage the settlement of disputes by way of negotiation, arbitration and conciliation at pre-litigation and post litigation stage;
  • Undertake and promote research in the field of legal services with the special reference to the need for such services among the poor;
  • To act in coordination with governmental and non-governmental agencies engaged in the work of promoting the cause of legal services;
  • Sensitising people about issues ranging from the rights of trans-genders and persons with disabilities to prisoners and 'juvenile in conflict with law';
  • To do all things necessary for the purpose of ensuring commitment to the fundamental duties of citizens under Part IVA of the Constitution;
  • Acting towards implementing the directives issued from time to time by NALSA and SALSA, West Bengal.


(I) Legal Services
  • (a) Rendering Legal Services
  • (b) Assistance in Drafting of Notices, Replies, Applications, Petitions etc.
  • (c) Assisting in Resolution of Disputes.
  • (d) Rendering advice for prevention of disputes
  • (e) Instant advice and information on legal aspects
  • (f) Assist the poor litigants in drafting, typing and presentation of miscellaneous applications
  • (g) Assisting the poor litigants in making oral quarries from the offices of Court, if any, with the assistance of Secretary DLSA.
  • (h) Monitoring the follow up actions in the matters in which legal assistance has been provided.
  • (i) Encouraging amicable settlement of disputes through Lok Adalat and Mediation.
  • (j) Settling the disputes through counselling in order to avoid litigation.
(II) Other Services
  • (a) Guidance and assistance in preparing job applications, including for MGNREG Scheme
  • (b) To Liaison with Government Offices so as to help the deserving, for clearance of their work like old age pension, ex-gratia compensation etc.
  • (c) To promote setting up of Legal Aid Clinic in Village and distant Villages.
  • (d) To provide Legal Assistance at the Village Legal Aid Clinic
  • (e) Assistance in Lok Adalat.